Tomorrowland Q&A + Tips

What is Tomorrowland?

You probably know already, but here I am, describing it once again for the ones who don’t. Tomorrowland is a 3-day music festival (4-night camping), which consist of only electronic music. The artists in the line-up usually combine dubstep, electro, hardstyle, progressive, minimal and house beats together in order to create an unforgettable atmosphere in a tiny town called Boom in the North of Belgium. Hundreds of thousands of people forgetting about any worry or prejudice let themselves carried away by the beats of the EMD music, creating the biggest european and worldwide festival.

How did you get tickets?

Two words: pre-registration.
I don’t think there is any safer way to have your tickets bought other than trying to pre-inregistrate. So that’s what we did.
We sat down on the 7th of February 2 hours before the registration to start.
3 laptops, 1 ipad and 2 phones were prepared in order for us to pre-registrate for Tomorrowland, although my friend and I only have 4 hands together. On the screens in front of us there were countdowns until the pre-registration will start. We freaked out a bit when only a couple of seconds were left.
2 seconds remaining…
1 second remaining…
0 seconds remaining…

The server was full, but we couldn’t quit this mission after getting our hopes up. After 15 minutes, the server came back to normal and we filled out the blanks really quickly. Still, we were aware that the first 10 ticket packages in our country were already used up. We closed our computers and got back to our ordinary life.
After only one week, my friend called and told me that she received a mail from Tomorrowland with the subject “Top 10”. She didn’t realise at that moment what the mail could have been about and being given the fact that she had too many mails in the inbox, she wanted to delete it, but I convinced her to read it before deleting it and there it was: our guaranteed tickets to a whole other world, we were the Ambassadors of our country, we were only a couple of steps aways from representing our country in Tomorrowland. We both started screaming and crying and we just couldn’t believe our eyes what was happening. But it was real! Our dream since we were kids was about to be fulfilled! So we were given the date when we should buy the tickets and we waited patiently until that day. The rest came naturally.

Are there any perks of being the ambassador of your country?

Yes, there are. I you happen to be that lucky, you will receive and e-mail, in which you’ll find out more details than I’ll give you here. But still, we had a special place to set up our tent (closer to the festival), free breakfast and we also receive a flag representative for our country.

How much did it cost you?

We opted for the Full Madness Festival pack with DreamVille Magnificent Greens camping. That meant that we had access to the whole festival and a place to set up our tent(brought from home). It costed around 360,- / person if I remember well.

What other types of tickets are there?

I’ll let you explore them on your own, where’s just too much to tell:

How did you get there?

There are shuttles that can take you from the airport straight to the festival: . But our flight was delayed and we missed our shuttle, which was already payed(25,-). After swearing for a couple of seconds, we found an information desk from which we bough a shuttle until Brussels(18,-) and from there we’ve taken the official Tomorrowland shuttle(free).

Can I buy a tent from there?

Yes, you can. If you have come without a tent, there are tens and tens of “camping products” shops from which you can purchase anything that you forgot at home.

Can you get in with food and drinks in Dreamville?

Yes, you can. You can bring any and how much food you need. Speaking of drinks, you can only get in with soft drinks or alcohol in plastic bottles.

What about drugs?

It is said that you should leave them in a box outside the festival and I think this should be done, being given the fact that I was taken to a drug control with police dogs.

Where can I buy food and drinks in Dreamville?

You can’t miss the food court. It’s huge and has a great diversity. But I must say this: they brag about having delicious food from all over the world, and I was really excited about it, because I’m a foodie. Anyway, it turned out to be disappointing, because all the “restaurants” were fast foods with poor junk food.

How far is Dreamville from the Festival itself?

There were 3-4 kilometres from where we set up our tent until the festival. The path to the festival seemed unending at first, but afterwards it turned out to be fun, because we started connecting with other people. Don’t you enjoy walking? No problem, there are free shuttles that can take you from camping to the festival and back from the festival to Dreamville.

Refund of pearls?

Pearls? Yes, that’s the currency through which you pay in Tomorrowland. 1 pearl~1,5 euro. If you have added your cash from a credit card, you can refund the cash until the 10th of August. If not, you must go to a refund station in Tomorrowland on the 24th of July to get your money back. More details:


Dress comfortably 
Running from one stage to another and jumping to the beats for 12 hours straight definitely require comfy clothes!
Wear appropriate shoes
Wear a pair of shoes after which you won’t cry over split milk if they deteriorate. I’ve seen people with white superstars and yeezy and they were so dirty! I went for a pair of black, thin boots and they worked great for me!
Stay focused on your belongings
There are lockers in which you can leave your important stuff like ID/passport, money, flight tickets. I was personally so in love with the people that I was surrounded by and I was constantly admiring their souls. So I left almost everything in my tent, and nothing has been stolen.

Bring your country flag
Everybody comes there to represent their country with confidence. You should do the same!

Drink water
Staying hydrated is really important, especially on hot, sunny days.

Wear sunscreen
8 hours of the festival out of 12 are to be spent with the sun shining in the sky. If you’re not used to sunbathing, make sure you apply sunscreen. Don’t have any? You can buy one from there or you can just look around for the staff, because they always share sunscreen samples throughout the festival.

Take bottle caps with you
Whenever buying a bottle of water, you will receive it without a bottle cap. Having to drink in up all at once is annoying as hell! So let them know who’s smart and take with you some bottle caps of different shapes and sizes in order to save water for later. One of them will work for sure.

Bring earplugs with you
The bass is really strong and if you get close to the first rows, you’ll realise that earplugs are not “uncool”, they’re a must and every person who’s sane wears them.

Get the Tomorrowland app
It’s free and so damn helpful! You’ll have there maps of Dreamville and Tomorrowland. And if you are connected to the internet, a little dot will constantly show you where you find yourself. Moreover, you’ll see the programme of the artists at every stage and you can also receive notifications with when your favourite artists’ acts start.

Visit all the stages
Even if you like only the artists from 1-2 stages, dare to explore the rest of the festival as well. You’ll be amazed by the design of the stages!


Discover more:


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