Tomorrowland through my eyes

“Breathe, friends; your work is done. From deep down within your soul, you’ve brought forth the final ingredients that the Elixir of Life needed: love, unity, and the peculiarities of your own person. Now breathe. Remember how you feel for three days long, as you bumbled and stumbled surprisedly through the world of wonders unfolding before your eyes. Remember the people you met, the souls you admired, the friends that you made. Spread the Elixir of Life wherever you go; allow it to work its magic, and bring peaceful coexistence everywhere. You can do it – you can do anything, in fact. Because as of this weekend, you are truly a part of the People of Tomorrow.”

I’ve read this paragraph as I was leaving Tomorrowland and damn that dust in my eye! A couple of tears rolled down my cheeks. It was an extraordinary experience from which I’ll remember every detail for sure. I don’t want to spoil anything throughout these lines, because the real stories are presented with a touch of melancholy and a drop of happiness below.

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