Anastasia doing her magic

Who is Anastasia?

Let me introduce you Anastasia. She’s a strong, independent woman who was looking for a better life other than the one in Romania. Therefore, she decided to run away together with her family during the Cold War and they ended up arriving in Los Angeles. She started working there in a beauty salon for 14 hours a day. Only a few years after, she managed to open her own salon. After only one week, people started waiting for hours in a queue only to get their eyebrows done by Anastasia. Being given her unique method of shaping brows, the idea became a great success internationally.

What is so special about her?

The fact that she started from the bottom. She didn’t know English at all by the time she got there, she was short of money and had no idea about the financial system.

Anyhow, taking advantage of the fact that she was in the country of all possibilities was exactly what she had to do in order to discover who she really was. She discovered her passion, followed her dream and realised that everyday is a new opportunity to get one step closer to her dream. Only the idea that she can’t do what she dreams of made her sad, so she followed the path to happiness and made her name heard. Anastasia is the kind of person that does not accept failure. She never wanted to be ordinary, so she fought for success. After a long battle, she won: her name is known in every corner of the world. 

She has now no regrets, she perceives her life as the best and feels as if she was a hero in a movie, for what she has done. Although you must have guts to do what she has done, she still believes that anyone can do what she did if you believe in yourself, focus on what you want to do and use all the means necessary  for getting closer to our goal. 

What about her products?

I started using her products over a year ago, and because she is the queen of brows, of course that I’ve started my journey with their brow products.

Brow Wiz

Since I’ve heard amazing things about the Brow Wiz, I thought I should give it a try. I was a bit sceptical about it at first, because I was used to defining my brows with brow powder, which seems a lot easier to work with than this brow pencil. But it is not.


The Brow Wiz is a retractable brow pencil, perfect for filling the bare spaces of your brow. Its ultra fine consistency makes it easy to work with and what’s even more amazing is that it is buildable, meaning you can adopt a natural look just by mimicking fine hair-like lines or you can fill them in to get a more dramatic, bold look. Best thing about it: it’s smudge proof, so you won’t have to worry about it fading away throughout the day. I usually apply at at about 7am and it lasts for about 12 hours. My secret? The Clear Brow Gel

Clear Brow Gel

My kind of perfect combo consists of defining my brows with a brow pencil and right after that applying this brow gel over the hairs to make sure they stay in place all day long. 

This is a another product I used to avoid trying. I thought it would be hard to work with and uncomfortable to wear. But again, this product managed to show me the opposite. Looking back in the past, when I used to be super happy with my brow powder and a brow wax…Oh God, I was such a fool…


Why THIS brow gel? I have tried only 2 drugstore brow gels before, with which I wasn’t satisfied with, so I can’t compare it to any other high end brow gel, unfortunately. But I literally can’t see what could be better about a product like this. Firstly, you can shape your brow in whichever way you want: messy or perfectly fixed. Secondly, the amount of product that you apply on your brows is again, buildable. This way, you can make them stay in place all day or just give them a touch of fix. Last, but not least, it lasts forever! One of these lasted over a year, although I’ve used it daily. 

Brow Definer

The third ABH brow product that I love is the Brow Definer. Whenever I have a bad brow day, this boy right here is my best friend. I had great expectations from this pencil from the very beginning. I fell in love just by looking at it. But I was surprised when I first used it in a way that I had no idea what to do with it. It seemed really hard for me to shape my brows with it, so I stopped using it. After a couple of months, after watching some videos about how to use it, I thought I should give it another try and literally it took my breath away. I was so amazed by it and couldn’t stop using it. 


The Brow Definer is also a retractable pencil with an ultra smooth consistency. It has a triangular tip and is designed not only for filling the brows in, but also for effortlessly outlining them. Its spooley at the end of it is perfect for brushing out the excess product. 

Okay, so what’s the difference between the Brow Wiz and the Brow Definer? 

Well, take a look at this picture.


(Left: Brow Definer; Right: Brow Wiz)

The consistency of these pencils are the same. The difference between them is the tip and the spooley. While the Brow Wiz is for the ones with fuller brows, as it only helps you to fill in some bare spaces and has a tiny spooley, with the Brow Definer any brow type could be flawlessly defined with the triangular tip and the large spooley. 


After appreciating the quality of the products, I started staying in touch with their romanian page and I purchased the Contour Kit and The Modern Renaissance Palette.


The Contour Kit

I personally bought this palette because of the hype and the great stuff I heard about it. Cliche, I know, but I thought I should give it a try and it did not let me down! 

The contour kit is made out of a cardboard with a metallic closing. As you open the palette, there are 6 pans, each held in place by a metallic bottom, which means you can repurchase any colour once you use it up or replace it with another colour (because they also sell these pans individually) if you happen yo be dissatisfied with any of the colours. There are 5 matte shades and one shimmer shade. 


I like to use Sand, which is the only shimmer shade in the palette, as a highlighter for a  subtle nude-rosy glow.

Banana is a pale yellow powder, which I use for setting my concealer.

Vanilla is all about the contouring, as I like to use it as a powder on the areas that need to be highlighted. 

My favourite contour pan is Fawn, a cool toned brown, with which you could create an amazing contour on light skin.

Java is a warm brown and I usually apply this over Fawn for a warmer look.

Havana is a warm brown-reddish contour colour perfect for contouring on darker skin types. As my skin is really fair, I only use this colour at special events, in order to create a more dramatic look. 


Now, moving on to my last treasure, let me introduce you: The Modern Renaissance Palette, about which I had no idea that we would get along so well in such a short period of time.

Modern Renaissance Palette

Yes, I must admit it, I was CRAVING for it, but those bright shades made me think twice before spending such an amount of money on a palette. As I finally convinced myself to buy it, the palette was sold out everywhere. Lucky me, I found it on as I was randomly checking their site. 


Let’s just take a moment and admire its packaging… This baby pink velvet in which the cardboard is covered is insanely beautiful! *heavy breathing*

This palette consist of 14 shades, mattes and shimmers, that are fade- and smudge-proof, and a double ended brush. The colours vary from nudes and earthy shades to vibrant colours. 


Is it only me, or do you also get goosebumps and feel a touch of warmth as soon as you catch a glimpse of this beauty? I might be insane, but this is what I feel when looking at it. 

I was scared at first that I won’t be able to use the palette on a daily basis because of its eye-catching shades, but it turned out that it can be used to realise various natural day looks, but also an elegant night full glam makeup.

One side of the brush is flat and allows you to pat on product on the lid, while the other side is very fluffy, perfect for blending those colours.


Let me show you how these products can be used and how amazing these products can be through this make-up tutorial:







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