Hay there!

I guess you entered this page of the blog, so that you can find out more about me, didn’t you?

So here I am, trying to present myself. But what should I say for you not to get bored? Let me see… I’m Sonia and I have started my journey around the world 19 years ago. Still young for a blogger, I know. But I promise that I’ll try to raise my standards in order to please your expectations. I can also ensure you that we’ll cry and laugh, we’ll explore and learn. Together.

But enough about “us”. Let me tell you something about me, cause that’s what the “about” section is all about, right?

I come from a little, ravishing city situated in the N-W of Romania, named Cluj-Napoca. I grew up here. Made friends. I learned to write, to read, to have conversations. I learned how to dance, how to swim, how to ski, I learned what love is. I experienced crying, laughing and screaming. I traveled the world, but I’m still looking forward to discovering new places. (P.S. And one day, I’ll grab my broken wings and fly away from this country. P.S.S. I just did, I’m studying in The Netherlands now)

I’ve always wanted to be someone who gives advice to others, so I’ve found myself in blogging. It feels like home. Blogging feels like home to me. And once you have a home, you can’t let go of it, even if you want to. You have it forever.


Why “The Flowering Thunder”?

I’ve always found peace in the sound and the behaviour of the rain. Therefore, I was once thinking about the thunder. The thunder, generally speaking. Although it’s something negative, something that brings only disasters on earth, something that people are scared of and dogs are hiding from, it’s the only natural powerful sound that it’s released out of nothing. Think about that, how powerful does that sound?

And to make it grow, like my blog will (hopefully, one day), I mixed it with the opposite. Flowers. One of the things that people consider beautiful in nature. And here I am: naming my blog “The Flowering Thunder” because I love metaphors and paradoxes.


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